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Part Number: TO9-200-139

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  • Wavelength: 1460 nm

  • Power: 24 W Pulsed

  • Aperture:  180 um

  • Mode: Multi Mode

  • Cavity Length: 2500 µm

  • TO-9 Tall Cap, Lens Matched f=171um, 3.1mm Lg

Symbol Value Units
Wavelength λc 1460 nm(+/-20)
Output Power (Pulsed) Po 24 watts
Spectral Width Δλ 15 nm 3dB
Cavity Length CL 2500 μm
Emitter Width W 180 μm
Emitter Height H 1 μm
Slope Efficiency ηo 0.25 W/A
Slow Axis Divg. θ_parallel 14 deg FWHM
Fast Axis Divg. θ_perp 28 deg FWHM
Number of emitters   1  
Pulse Width PW 150 ns
Duty Cycle DC 0.1 %
Included Part Option   TO-9 Tall Cap, Lens Matched f=171um, 3.1mm Lg  
Power Conversion Eff. η 0.03 Min
Threshold Current Ith 2 A
Operating Current Iop 80 A
Operating Voltage Vop 9.5 V
Series Resistance Rs 0.14 ohm
Storage Temp. -40 to 80 °C
Weight 2 g
Operating Temp. -40 to 60 °C
Laser Engine Misc
LE X Axis Divergence θ_X 28 deg FWHM
LE Y Axis Divergence θ_Y 14 deg FWHM