1310nm Laser Diodes

What is a 1310nm Diode Laser?

A laser diode which produces a wavelength of 1310nm, which is in the infrared light range. This wavelength is commonly represented in nanometers as 1310nm, or in micrometers as 1.31µm.

Applications of a 1310nm Diode Laser

  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Audio and Video Systems
  • Long Range Fiber Transmission
SemiNex Single Mode Family
SemiNex Single Mode Family, Available at 1310nm

Fiber Optic Communications

Diode lasers operating at the 1310nm wavelength are most commonly used in the telecommunications industry. Data is sent back and forth in rays of light, typically through a glass fiber core with a diameter of 62.5 µm or 50 µm. Compared to using a traditional 850nm diode, the longer 1310nm wavelength produced by a laser diode propagates through the fiber with less attenuation, allowing data communication across distances of over 200km on a single fiber or multiple fibers in parallel.

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A 1310nm laser diode can also achieve much higher rate of data transfer than copper wire. Light travels through space as energy packets of photons. When these photons are isolated to the fiber core of a cable as a beam, there is negligible interference between neighboring fiber cables. Since there are no conduction materials in the cable, outside electromagnetic interference cannot impose currents on the cable and distort the signal.  The top right picture consists of examples of single mode lasers used in fiber optic communications.


Audio and Video Systems

Using 1310nm laser diodes in audio and video equipment has distinct advantages over traditional materials such as copper. The efficiency of light traveling through glass fibers allows signals to run for long distances while consuming less power and with less loss. Using laser diodes allows cables to be bundled together without interference. Finally, the higher bandwidth demands of television broadcasting are simply better supported by fiber optics.

SemiNex offers several products at this wavelength, to find more details about each 1310nm product, visit the 1310 nm product finder.

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