1470nm Laser Diodes

What is a 1470nm Diode Laser?

A laser diode is an electrically pumped semiconductor that yields high power IR laser energy. When semiconductor layers meet, charge carriers combine and the electrical current in the laser's energy is released as photons.

1470 nm is the wavelength of choice for many applications requiring high power coherent radiation in the short wavelength IR spectrum.

Infrared Lasers and Eye Safety

Certain InP semiconductor laser diodes produce infrared light at the wavelength of 1470nm. This wavelength is ideal for certain medical and military applications. Due to the water absorption peak around 1400 nm many applications requiring heating around the water peak rely on 14700 nm lasers.

1470 nm Laser Diodes and the Cosmetic Industry

1470nm laser diodes are most commonly used by the cosmetic industry for treating saphenous veins. Since the traditional laser treatment for varicose veins targets the lining of the blood vessel, it causes blood coagulation, destruction of the vein, bruising and swelling. The 1470nm laser diode targets the water in vein walls to collapse the walls and ensure complete vein closure. Since 1470nm infrared laser diode is the peak wavelength for water absorption in skin and has 40 times greater absorption than the traditional vein treatment laser of 980nm, it causes significantly less pain and hence no post-operative bruising and swelling.

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