1650nm Laser Diodes

What is a 1650nm Diode Laser?

A laser diode is made when an intrinsic semiconductor's electrical properties are altered by introducing impurities to the surface of a crystal wafer. When semiconductor layers meet, charge carriers combine and the electrical current in the laser's energy is released as light.

The 1650nm laser diode produces a wavelength in the infrared light range.  This wavelength is commonly represented in nanometers as 1650 nm or in micrometers as 1.65µm. This type of light can be used in varieties of industries because of its absorbance in the cornea instead of on the retina, classifying it as retina safe. Like all forms of electromagnetic radiation, the amount of harm it can cause is also dependent on the power level of the wave. (Check out our page on Lasers and Eye Safety for further information)

Applications of 1650nm Laser Diodes

  • Range Finding
  • Missile Defense
  • OTDR

1650nm in Range Finding

Range finding benefits from 1650nm lasers.  1650nm laser light isn't detectible by most night vision goggles or cameras, because the light produced is a longer wavelength.

1650nm Diodes in Testing

Many times while working on fiber optic systems, tests need to be made without shutting down or disrupting normal communications. Lasers operating at 1650nm don't interfere with normal communications because normal communications occur at shorter wavelengths.

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