SemiNex Discloses Kedem Technologies as new Representative in Israel

For more information, contact:
Neal Stoker
VP Sales and Marketing
SemiNex Corporation
(978) 326-7703

SemiNex Corporation is pleased to announce further expansion of its worldwide distribution and sales representative network.

SemiNex announces today that it has reached an agreement with Kedem Technologies to be a manufactures representative of laser diodes in the Israeli market. With the addition of Kedem SemiNex grows its formal representative network to seven.

SemiNex produces high power lasers in the 13xx to 17xx nm wavelength region. Lasers are provided to customers in a variety of packages including chip on carrier and fiber coupled devices. Powers up to 25 Watts are available. Neal Stoker; SemiNex VP of Sales and Marketing, sees significant growth in this wavelength region especially for medical devices and military ranging and targeting.

President of Kedem Technologies, Ari Mizrachi, brings years of experience selling lasers and optical technology into the Israeli market. Kedem was founded in 2012 with a vision to supply and support high tech customers with innovative and unique technical solutions. The fit with SemiNex is ideal.

“Kedem Technologies will be key in reaching principal customers and giving them the best and easiest means of getting the latest and greatest technology from SemiNex,” says President David Bean of SemiNex.