High Power Laser Packages with Detachable Fiber Available from SemiNex

14-Pin DF offers new flexibility in laser system design

Peabody, Mass. – January 26, 2015- SemiNex Corporation introduces its new 14-Pin DF laser package, which will be on display at the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco, CA. The 14-Pin DF is ideally suited for integration as a high-power IR laser in systems where the use of disposable fibers is prevalent. The ability to detach the fiber makes the package useful for front panel mounting, and enables users to easily replace damaged fiber without having to replace the entire package. Applications such as surgical systems, industrial processing, manufacturing, and remote sensing also benefit from the increased efficiency of the detachable fiber design. The laser produces up to 5.8 Watts of CW power at 1475 nanometers and up to 5.4 Watts at 1560 nm.

SemiNex's 14-Pin DF

“Working closely with a key medical manufacturer, we identified the need for a package with a detachable fiber, allowing the integration of disposable fibers so that the laser could be operated using new fiber assemblies for each patient,” disclosed Vice President of Sales and Marketing Neal Stoker. While the package was designed and validated with customers in the medical industry, Stoker sees advantages to using it in industrial and scientific settings, as well. Historically, customers used a fiber bulkhead connector (typically 1.5 dB IL) that allowed end users to change fiber assemblies as required. The 14-Pin DF eliminates the loss associated with the connector, increases overall system performance, simplifies manufacturing, reduces heat load and increases system reliability.

The 14-Pin DF package comes standard with a high power SemiNex laser diode, an SMA connector for 200µm, .22NA fiber, a red aiming beam, and a thermistor. For temperature tuning and wavelength stabilization, the 14-Pin DF is also available with a thermoelectric cooler (TEC). Standard wavelengths include 1475 and 1560 nm, with other wavelengths in the 1300-1700 nanometer range available upon request.

President David Bean concluded, “SemiNex has the highest power chips in the market at SWIR wavelengths, and we are happy to apply our expertise in packaging to address whatever challenges customers bring to us.”

Technical specifications can be found in the datasheet.