Dr. Sidi Aboujja unveiled 1550nm Triple Junction laser diodes for long-range LiDAR at Photonics West 2022


At Photonics West 2022 in San Francisco, Dr. Sidi Aboujja of SemiNex Corporation unveiled the
technical details and overall performances of the new 1550nm Triple Junction laser diodes for long-range LiDAR. The presentation video can be viewed below.

In his talk, Dr. Aboujja presented the commercially available Triple Junction laser diodes which can achieve 3x the optical power of a single junction, with a mere 50% increase in the operating voltage. Such advanced design allows 2x higher in the wall plug efficiency over a single junction laser diode.  The high performance over a wide temperature range of the Triple Junction with eye-safe 1550nm allows automotive LiDAR design with smaller footprint and lower cost. A benchmark study vs. 905nm counterpart demonstrates that a LiDAR with a Triple Junction laser diode at 1550nm can generate 80x more photons, achieve 60x in the signal-to-noise ratio, 24x stronger in detection probability, and detect 3x longer distance.  This triple junction breakthrough in 1550nm diode lasers by SemiNex allows the LiDAR industry to look beyond 250m of detection distance with a single low-cost laser diode and opens up a whole array of long-range applications including high-speed autonomous vehicles.

Details on the Triple Junction laser diodes are available at www.seminex.com.  For more information and product availability, contact sales@seminex.com.