High Power Laser Diode

What is a High Power Laser Diode?

c mount top sideA high power laser diode is made when an intrinsic semiconductor's electrical properties are altered by introducing impurities to the surface of a crystal wafer. When semiconductor layers meet, charge carriers combine and the electrical current in the laser's energy is released as light. High power diode lasers are small and light and require very little power. The laser's power output is what defines it as "high power." Most commercially available lasers have power outputs of milliwatts, whereas a high power laser diode has a power output of watts.  SemiNex supplies laser diodes with power outputs between 3 watts and 25 watts.

SemiNex's Response to Market Demands

SemiNex Corporation business model is to provide high power semiconductor lasers with industry leading performance and efficiency.  SemiNex provides lasers with high wall plug efficiency (~35%), drastically reduced laser size, power consumption, and cost compared to other sources in the market place today.  SemiNex's unconventional approach towards laser manufacturing utilizes a doping profile and unique application of quantum physics, exclusive to SemiNex, which has produced high power diode lasers available for extremely high volume production. SemiNex is positioned to provide high power laser diodes in a variety of systems and powers to meet the demands for both the defense and consumer markets.

High Power Diode Laser Applications

b mount top sideA high power laser diode is an inexpensive, strong laser with many capabilities. High power diode lasers with wavelengths of 1310nm, 1550nm, and 1625nm are ideal for fiber optic communications, whereas high power diode lasers of 1480nm function well as pumps for optical amplifiers. However, there are other applications for high power laser diodes of these wavelengths, and many other wavelengths.

Free Space Optics and the use of High Power Semiconductors

Free space optical communication is a technology which allows information to be transported between two points through light. SemiNex high power laser diodes are used in free space optical communication because wavelengths between 1300nm and 1600nm are invisible and have a low divergence (light does not "spread" as it travels).

Laser Targeting

High Power Diodes and Military Applications

High power diode lasers are popular with the military for targeting. In the military, high power laser diodes are primarily used as laser target designators, which are used with precision-guided munitions to guide munitions. Because SemiNex's high power diode lasers are between 1300nm and 1600nm and that light is infrared, a SemiNex high power diode laser is favorable when directing munitions at live targets because light from an infrared laser diode cannot be seen by the human eye.

The Medical and Cosmetic Industries and High Power Laser Diodes

Medically, high power laser diodes can be used for noninvasive surgery and to make small incisions in the skin to minimize scarring. Researchers hope high power diode lasers can also provide heat therapy for the treatment of leishmaniasis, a disease which causes flesh wounds, although more research needs to be completed to determine what wavelengths would be most beneficial to leishmaniasis healing. Using a high power laser diode for heat therapy would help treat the wounds from leishmaniasis quickly and efficiently, especially if used nction with the traditional treatment for leishmaniasis, Sodium Stibogluconate.

Cosmetically, high power diode lasers can also be used for medical purposes. An alternative to ablative full-face laser resurfacing cosmetic procedures is nonablative facial treatment with a high power infrared diode laser. This treatment is performed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea and typically uses a high power laser with a wavelength of 1450nm. High power diode lasers can also be used in the treatment of saphenous (varicose) veins, typically at wavelengths of 1470nm.