Multi-Chip Modules

MCM Module

The SemiNex Multi-Chip Module

Our Multi-Chip module is a unit which combines the output of multiple semi-conductor laser diodes, connected through an integrated circuit, into one fiber cable.  It's a ready-to-integrate solution for laser applications that requires 10 to 50 watts of power.  The 3 to 7 laser diodes are arranged to provide the best thermal dissipation and the least attenuation of light due to fiber bending.  This fiber coupling diodes in this type of set-up provides the best efficiency of light power to input amps.

Using the SemiNex Multi-Chip Module

You can access the Application Note for the SemiNex Multi-Chip Module here.

Advantages of Multi-Chip Laser Modules

The multi-chip module's main advantage is increased power output.  A laser diode's wavelength is determined by the length of the bandgap between two semiconductor materials.  Also, the width and length of the chip is also limited for efficiency and modal dispersion reasons.  Therefore, more power cannot be obtained from a diode by simply increasing its size. It is much more electrically and thermally efficient to combine the light between multiple diodes for a greater output.

Multi-Chip Module Applications

Our Multi-Chip Module is a piece of laser diode equipment with multiple semiconductor diode lasers connected through an unifying substrate (integrated circuit) to create a small and strong singular unit for emitting laser light.  The advantage of the SemiNex multi-chip module's high power capabilities is maximized because of its compact size, allowing it for use in smaller products in a range of application areas:

  • Military
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Cosmetic
  • Surgical
  • Communications

Multi-chip modules can be used for a myriad of applications that utilize the infrared wavelengths between 1300nm and 1600nm that also require up to 50 watts CW.

MCMs in Medical Equipment

MCM's are commonly used in professional medical equipment.  They can either provide the lasing or pump another type of laser.  The infrared wavelengths of Seminex's MCM are effective in hair removal, blood vessel removal, face lifting, pigment removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, and lipid reduction.

MCMs in Thermal Processing

The compact size and high power of the multi-chip module, allow it to be useful for heating in a variety of industrial and R&D situations.  Using lasers in heat transfer applications has significant advantages: precise control of temperature and confinement of energy to a small area.  Transferring energy to only the sample reduces thermal drift of other system components, reduces stabilization time, and is more energy efficient.  MCMs can be used as industrial pump lasers.  MCMs are also used in rapid laser annealing.  Heating amorphous semiconductors over short spans of time can recrystallize its structure or provide more precise control over IR lamps for dopant activation.

IR Illumination

MCMs can be used for higher power IR illumination systems.  Their power to size ratio is advantageous when trying to conceal security systems.  MCMs used for laser illumination typically operate at 1550nm, that's long enough to be well into the eye safe range.  Farther distances can then be illuminated by using higher powered lasers.  Higher powered lasers are still put through diffractors to provide a wider illumination area as well as lowering the energy density of the light enough to keep the output eye safe.  MCMs are used by the military as well as corporate surveillance systems.

4-Pin Fiber Coupled Laser Diode with .15 NA Fiber