SemiNex Adds AceXon as Exclusive Distributor for Singapore

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Neal Stoker
VP Sales and Marketing
SemiNex Corporation

SemiNex is proud to announce AceXon as its new distributor in Singapore and Southeast Asia. AceXon expands SemiNex’s global footprint into Southeast Asia making SemiNex an even more recognizable and respected name in the realm of Laser technology worldwide.

“We are pleased to expand our distribution and sales support into Southeast Asia,” says President David Bean, “AceXon is a great addition to our distributor network. AceXon is well established with over 8 years of quality service and is highly respected in the laser industry.  We look forward to our new relationship with AceXon to expand SemiNex sales and service into Singapore and the broader Southeast Asian region.”

Acexon Technologies is established as a sales and technical service provider specializing in the fields of Laser, Electro-optics and Photonics. The company introduces state-of-the-art products to the institutional, industrial and commercial markets and is capable to supply and service a full range of systems involving photonic products, electro-optical equipment, lasers sources, which can be used on applications in the research, academic, development, production, commercial, medical and many others. AceXon Technologies regards itself as a company that is “always there” when help is needed, continues to satisfy all customers in search for solutions, products and services.   

AceXon is already gaining strong interest for SemiNex 14xx and 15xx nm laser products in Singapore with plans to expand further into its Asian customer base. “We are excited to offer SemiNex’s impressive technology to our customers,” says Lawrence Chua, Sales Director of AceXon, “Our future with SemiNex looks very bright and we are delighted to join SemiNex’s team of worldwide distributors.”

About SemiNex:

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures high-power semiconductor lasers for use in military, medical and industrial applications. SemiNex's unique product designs enable lasers with high powers and improved thermal performance. SemiNex diode technology dramatically lowers the cost per watt of laser power, especially compared to alternate technologies such as solid-state lasers and fiber lasers.

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