March 16, 2006


4.5 Watts of power achieved at 1550 nm from a single semiconductor diode laser

Middleton, MA - SemiNex Corporation today announced the achievement of greater than 4.5 watts of optical power from a single laser diode at 1550 nm wavelength. These results compliment SemiNex's earlier results of greater than 4 watts of optical power at 1450 nm achieved in 2005.  

"We are very pleased with these latest results", stated David Bean, President of SemiNex.  "These results exceeded our expectations based on theoretical models and we were surprised that the process yield may also exceed expectations, especially for our first process run at this wavelength."  

These results validate SemiNex's theoretical models and design techniques.  SemiNex markets infrared laser diodes with wavelengths between 1300 nm and 1600 nm.  The 4.5 watt results compare favorably to conventional laser results of 0.8 to 1.5 watts.  "This represents a 3 to 5 fold increase in laser performance", says Bean.   

SemiNex fabricated this product to fulfill an extremely difficult customer specification.  “Our customer is extremely pleased and looks forward to a continued relationship with SemiNex”, said Bean.  

Higher power laser diodes enable laser systems that are smaller, more powerful, and more efficient.  These new SemiNex lasers may open new markets for laser devices and mass-market applications for infrared lasers.  Infrared lasers are used in medical, military, telecommunications, and industrial applications.  Specific applications for these diodes include: medical lasers for aesthetic procedures, free space optical communications, LIDAR military applications, and pumping sources for diode pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs).  

About SemiNex Corporation
SemiNex, a private corporation, produces infrared semiconductor lasers for use in medical, military, and industrial applications.  SemiNex uses cutting-edge laser technology, patented designs, and proprietary processes to maximize laser efficiency and optical performance.  SemiNex lasers have achieved record power and efficiency results by wide margins.  SemiNex was founded in 2003 by veterans of the telecommunications industry.  For more information see

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