SemiNex lasers use high precision indium phosphide semiconductor materials to convert electrical energy directly and efficiently into coherent optical energy.  SemiNex's proprietary material structure uses a non-conventional doping profile and a unique application of quantum physics that provide superior performance in the areas of:

  1. Thermal efficiency
  2. Electrical efficiency
  3. Total optical power

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Figure 1
Figure 1: Laser Diode Power Curve

Electrical efficiency gains are achieved by ensuring less current leakage around the semiconductor quantum wells where electron energy is converted to photonic energy.  Higher electrical efficiency, in turn, reduces the heat buildup caused by lost electrons.   In addition, the unique design of SemiNex lasers minimizes thermal resistance; thus, the heat generated from the diode is easy to dissipate.  Lower heat generation significantly raises the optical power at which the laser can operate.  The combination of higher electrical and thermal efficiency allows SemiNex lasers to achieve power levels which exceed current industry performance by 2 to 6 times (See Figure 1).

SemiNex Product Applications and Advantages

SemiNex lasers are designed to operate at wavelengths between 1300nm and 1700nm. SemiNex uses a material and structure design that is capable of efficiently delivering high power levels at this very broad wavelength range. This is well suited for several applications, including:

Wavelength Market Primary Uses SemiNex Product Value
1350-1550 nm Aesthetic medical treatments Wrinkle reduction, scar removal More precise treatment, lower cost & size
1400-1600+ nm Eye-safe military applications Targeting, guidance systems Greater distance, lower energy use & size
1500-1600 nm Free space optical transmissions Enterprise data communications Greater transmission distance @ lower cost

The SemiNex product offering is well suited for the above applications because of the properties of light between 1300nm and 1700nm.  There are three valuable attributes of this wavelength range:

  1. It includes a key peak water absorption maximum in tissue
  2. Optical fiber attenuation and free space optical attenuation are minimized in this range
  3. Human eyes absorb light over 1400nm in the cornea, which protects the retina against focused damage


Product Offerings

SemiNex laser devices consist of a single semiconductor laser chip fiber-coupled into 50um, 100um or 200um fiber yielding high optical powers in continuous wave operation. The lasers can be packaged in a hermetic module, which includes a thermal electric cooler and a thermistor. This package offers a modular laser unit that is robust and easy to integrate into laser systems. SemiNex also sells chips in uncooled packages or in chip-on-submount or bar-on-submount form to meet specific customer needs.

SemiNex can build laser chips and sub-assemblies to meet customer's specifications, such as:

  • Wavelength between 1270nm and 1940nm
  • Aperture width
  • Cavity length
  • Optical power
  • Conversion efficiency
  • Mounting & Packaging configuration

SemiNex can provide raw chips or bars or SemiNex can package and test the lasers in various standard mountings such as:

To see a complete listing of our laser devices, visit our Products Page. To request a quote or inquire about a specific product, visit our Customer Service Page.

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