Our Company

SemiNex Corporation manufactures high power infrared diode lasers for military, medical, cosmetic, and dental applications. Our diode lasers are made using high precision indium phosphide semiconductor materials which convert electrical energy directly and efficiently into coherent optical energy. SemiNex lasers utilize a unique application of quantum physics which provides superior performances in thermal and electrical efficiency, as well as excellent total optical power. Better semiconductor performance, efficiency, and reduced laser size and power consumption enable SemiNex laser diodes to be extremely cost-effective, especially in high-volume, for a range of applications utilizing infrared wavelengths.

SemiNex produces a wide range of diode products with power outputs between 3W to 25W: laser chips in uncooled packages, chip-on-submount and bar-on-submount forms, multi-chip modules, 4-pin fiber coupled devices, high heat load devices, and our patented Laser Engine. SemiNex Corporation can customize all diode laser products in a range of powers and wavelengths to meet customer specifications.

SemiNex, incorporated in 2003, was founded by veterans of the telecommunications industry.


To apply: email info@seminex.com with your resume and cover letter.