SemiNex Selling Guidelines & Export Requirements


SemiNex is committed to the adherence of the export policies and regulations set by the Department of Commerce of US government, known as the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). For detailed information of EAR, you can visit the policies posted on the website of Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). The procedure below lays out the sequence of screening customers, screening end-use and end-users, ECCN product classification, and export control by country SemiNex follows. 

Step 1: Customer Screening

A screening will be conducted to determine the prohibitions or restrictions on persons or entities prior to exporting a commodity.  SemiNex screens all parties including purchasers, distributors, forwarders, and end users by using the Consolidated Screening List of International Trade Administration in the US Department of Commerce. 

Step 2: End-Use and End-User Statement

SemiNex complies with the export policies and regulations EAR Part 744.21 and 744.22 to ensure the restrictions on “military end use” or “military end user” is followed. All final destinations of SemiNex products in countries stated in Part 744.21 and 744.22 are needed to be declared by the purchaser and end users by completing the form BIS-711, the statement by ultimate consignee and purchaser. Only after the completion and clearance of both Steps 1 and 2, the selling procedure or export process can move forward.


Step 1: ECCN Product Classification

Many SemiNex products are subject to U.S. Department of Commerce export restrictions. Based on Category 6 of Supplement No.1 to EAR Part 774, the flowchart below can help to predetermine the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for each SemiNex device per output power and wavelength. SemiNex provides the required export license (if any) information in the Product Specification tab. 

Export Flow Diagram

Step 2: Export Compliance by Country

All export requirements will fall under ECCN 6A005 or ECCN 6A995.  Details regarding compliance steps must be followed by clicking the links below.

ECCN 6A005

ECCN 6A995

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