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The SemiNex name, graphical elements, and descriptive word mark are a visually integrated combination mark logo, created to express both the innovative ways SemiNex has harnessed light waves and the reality that we continue to lead the way in high powered laser diodes.

Any of the SemiNex logos should not be altered or changed in any way without written consent of SemiNex Corporation. The 2-color logos are preferred and should be used unless packaging requires a muted 1- color scheme, for which the 1-color grey logos are offered.

SemiNex is steadfast in using the SemiNex logo in its forms contained herein.

Use only the approved versions of the SemiNex logo provided to you from the SemiNex corporate offices or posted on its official website under Media Files.

Powered by SemiNex Laser Diodes

The “Powered by SemiNex Laser Diodes” is the primary logo asset for SemiNex Corporation when being used to represent the company on our customers products, packaging, websites and other marketing materials where the product contains our diodes with the exception of SemiNex Laser Engines. Use of SemiNex Laser Engines should use the Laser Engines logo.

Powered by SemiNex Laser Engines

The “Powered by SemiNex Laser Engines” is the primary logo asset to use on products containing SemiNex laser engines, and is the preferred logo to represent the company when being used on our customers products, packaging, websites and other marketing materials for products containing our laser engines

SemiNex Laser Diodes

The “SemiNex Laser Diodes” logo is the primary logo asset for SemiNex Corporation. This logo should be used when referring to SemiNex as a company, for example: on a webpage where you display your suppliers’ logos and information.

SemiNex Corporation

Semiconductor Sources, Inc.The “SemiNex Corporation” logo should be used sparingly, and only on media referring to SemiNex Corporation as a whole such as in press releases. The “SemiNex Laser Diodes” logo is preferred for most uses.

Usage Summary

PurposeLogo To Be Used
Product Marketing
• Product Info Sheets
• Product Advertisements
• Product Displays
• Product Shipping Boxes
• Product Packaging (retail box)


Corporate Communications
• Press Releases
• Newsletters
• Internal documents
Company Associations
• List of Suppliers
• List of Principals for distributors
• Other references to SemiNex

Usage Example

Example to show implementation of current logo

Usage Guidelines

ColorsThe SemiNex logos must be used in the colors presented in this document or from
the logo files provided by SemiNex. On white or light colored backgrounds, the twocolor blue and red logo should be used. On black or other dark backgrounds, use the
greyscale logo. For 1-color printing or to blend with packing requirements, use grey
logo or consult with SemiNex as to changes to this 1-color logo.
Clear SpaceSurround the SemiNex logo on all sides with a clear space that is at least 20% of the
height of the logo.
Minimum SizesFor print applications, the SemiNex logo must be at least 1 inch wide. For onscreen
size, the SemiNex logo must be at least 150 pixels wide. SemiNex ingredient logo
should be no less than 75% the size of other corporate logos used in the same
CroppingThe SemiNex logo must not be cropped or distorted in any way. The logo must be
kept in proportion at all times.
Lock-up SpecsThe SemiNex logo must always be proportionate to the other logo presented, and
never smaller. The SemiNex logo must be presented in a way so it stands-alone and
is not confused to be part of another logo. Encircling the logo with a rectangular
box or putting horizontal or vertical rules to separate logos in acceptable.

Media File Request

You may also request copies of these media files directly from:

Juli Lloyd
Office Manager
+1 978-326-7709

Thank you for your continued support of SemiNex.