MassMEDIC’s annual MedTech Investors Conference


SemiNex Corporation was invited to present at annual Mass MEDIC investors conference held on November 19, 2005.  MassMEDIC’s annual MedTech Investors Conference is a showcase for the region’s emerging medical device companies.  This year’s program was be held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.

David Bean, SemiNex President, presented the company’s business plans and technical results.  Mr. Bean’s presentation highlighted SemiNex’s initial sales to a leading medical system provider and the company’s world record laser performance.

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About SemiNex:

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures high-power semiconductor lasers for use in military, medical and industrial applications. SemiNex's unique product designs enable lasers with high powers and improved thermal performance. SemiNex diode technology dramatically lowers the cost per watt of laser power, especially compared to alternate technologies such as solid-state lasers and fiber lasers.

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