B-Mount with SemiNex Laser Diode

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B-Mount with SemiNex Laser Diode

SKU: 120

Part Number: B-104-134

Availability: Lead time: 1 Week

SemiNex's B-Mounted Laser Diodes are an excellent choice for customers seeking state-of-art performance in a low cost submount design. These lasers are provided across the InP wavelength range of 12xx to 19xx and come in a variety of power, wavelength and lensed configurations. Applications for SemiNex's sub mounted lasers include OEM medical, consumer medical, LiDAR, Military targeting, range finding and illumination. Custom wavelengths and configurations available upon request.
Grin Lens f=274um used to match fast axis divergence to slow axis divergence.
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  • Wavelength: 1460 nm

  • Power: 4.8 W CW

  • Aperture:  95 um

  • Mode: Multi Mode

  • Cavity Length: 2500 µm

  • Lens Matched f=274um, 5mm Lg

Symbol Value Units
Wavelength λc 1460 nm(+/-20)
Output Power (CW) Po 4.8 watts
Spectral Width Δλ 15 nm 3dB
Cavity Length CL 2500 μm
Emitter Width W 95 μm
Emitter Height H 1 μm
Temp. Coefficient Δλ/ΔλT 0.55 nm/C
Slope Efficiency ηo 0.4 W/A
Slow Axis Divg. θ_parallel 9 deg FWHM
Fast Axis Divg. θ_perp 9 deg FWHM
Number of emitters   1  
Duty Cycle DC 100 %
Lens Effec. Focal Length f 274 μm
Included Part Option   Lens Matched f=274um, 5mm Lg  
Power Conversion Eff. η 21 Min
Threshold Current Ith 0.5 A
Operating Current Iop 14 A
Operating Voltage Vop 1.7 V
Series Resistance Rs 0.05 ohm
Lead Soldering Temp. 250 °C
Storage Temp. -40 to 80 °C
Weight 0.5 g
Operating Temp. -40 to 60 °C
Laser Engine Misc
LE X Axis Divergence θ_X 9 deg FWHM
LE Y Axis Divergence θ_Y 9 deg FWHM
Specified values are rated at a constant heat sink temperature of 20oC.

Export license is not required for shipment to the US and most of Europe. For shipments to other countries please click this hyperlink to Regulation Number 6A005.



SemiNex delivers the highest available power at infrared wavelengths between 12xx and 19xx nm. When necessary we will further optimize the design of our InP laser chips to meet our customers' specific optical and electrical performance needs. Diodes, bars and packages are tested to meet customer and market performance demands. Typical results and packaging options are shown. Contact SemiNex for additional details or to discuss your specific requirements.Grin Lens f=274um used to match fast axis divergence to slow axis divergence.
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  • OEM Medical
  • DPSS pump source
  • LiDAR
  • Military / Aerospace

  • Cost effective
  • High Output Power
  • High Dynamic Range
  • High Efficiency
  • Standard Low Cost Package
  • Fast axis divergence matched to slow axis

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