New Single-Mode Fiber-Coupled TO-9 Delivers up to 650mW

SemiNex Corporation introduces a single-mode fiber-coupled TO-9 laser diode package. This new product is ideal for customers who need fiber-coupled usability with powerful SemiNex TO-9 laser diodes.

The new SemiNex TO-9 fiber-coupled package (TO9F) delivers a simple and dependable source of infrared laser light and is the company’s latest single-mode fiber-coupled device. The TO9F is the product of choice for customers who require a small form factor fiber-coupled package for applications such as OTDR systems. David Bean, SemiNex’s President and CEO, explains, “We are pleased to expand our product line in offering the TO9F to enable customers to quickly integrate our latest high-power laser chips into their applications.”

The TO9F boasts a small form factor measuring only 17 mm wide, 10.5 mm tall and 26 mm long encased in a 17 mm x 10.5 mm x 5 mm cooling block with screw holes for effective thermal mounting. The device is coupled to a 9/125 μm single-mode fiber with a standard FC/PC connector. Patrick Dinneen, Application Engineer, states, “SemiNex is constantly aiming to improve product usability by implementing small, standardized designs leading to easier system integration. This will allow our customers to save time and money when developing a production level product.”

The TO9F debuts at the 2018 Photonics West Conference in San Francisco, CA with 1550 nm wavelength and output power of 175 mW CW at 1 A drive current. For pulsed applications (<150 ns pulse width and <0.1% duty cycle) the 1550 nm device will deliver about 550 mW of optical power. SemiNex offers the product at standard wavelengths between 1300 and 1700 nm. The 1310 nm TO9F delivers 200 mW CW and 650 mW pulsed.

Driven by high-volume manufacturing, the SemiNex TO-9 sub-mount has improved over the years as a result of many design reviews in an effort to reduce costs as well as improve materials, fabrication processes and the heatsinking design. Matthew Hamerstrom, Mechanical Engineer, goes on to say, “With our continuous improvement in both engineering and manufacturing, SemiNex is confident that it can deliver the new TO9F to our customers with effective integration, dependability and scale to volume production.”

About SemiNex Corporation:

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures proprietary high power semiconductor infrared laser diode-based assemblies and optical amplifiers for automotive LiDAR, military, medical, and industrial applications. SemiNex’s products are based on advanced quantum physics and employ high-quality indium phosphide and gallium antimonide materials, which support wavelengths between 1250 nm to 1940 nm with best-in-class optical output power in addition to superior thermal and electrical efficiencies. SemiNex Corporation customizes its epitaxial designs and device packaging to meet its customers’ individual requirements.

SemiNex is headquartered in the US.

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