SemiNex Announces Availability of Single Mode High-Power IR Lasers

High Power Single Longitudinal Mode IR Lasers now part of SemiNex’s expanding product line

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SemiNex Corporation (Peabody MA). In response to specific customer request SemiNex is pleased to announce further expansion of the product lines through the addition of high power single mode lasers. Wavelengths are available throughout the Short Wave IR region including 1310, 1550, and 1625nm. Output powers up to 700 mW are available.

These laser diodes are used in a number of applications including real time OTDR, remote sensing, illumination, LIDAR, and other applications requiring high power reliable performance.

At this time SemiNex is producing B and C mounted lasers; however other packaging and mounting options are available. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Neal Stoker, shared that “this further expansion of the SemiNex product line opens up new markets for SemiNex. Specifically customers in SWIR illumination and communications are using our single mode lasers in applications that cannot be served by any other technology. Customers consistently contact us with new and innovative applications.”

David Bean, President of SemiNex is also proud and delighted about this product expansion. “Customers specifically requested higher power single mode performance at these wavelengths and SemiNex is proud to be the company able to deliver product that meets their needs. I want our customers to consistently be pleased and surprised will all that we can offer to them. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of them, providing for tomorrows needs today.”

Data sheets for standard products are on the web at SemiNex encourages customers to contact them directly for specific needs.

About SemiNex Corporation:

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures proprietary high power semiconductor infrared laser diode-based assemblies and optical amplifiers for automotive LiDAR, military, medical, and industrial applications. SemiNex’s products are based on advanced quantum physics and employ high-quality indium phosphide and gallium antimonide materials, which support wavelengths between 1250 nm to 1940 nm with best-in-class optical output power in addition to superior thermal and electrical efficiencies. SemiNex Corporation customizes its epitaxial designs and device packaging to meet its customers’ individual requirements.

SemiNex is headquartered in the US.

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