SemiNex Welcomes VTEC Lasers and Sensors as New Representative

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SemiNex expands European Representative Network

Seminex is pleased to announce VTEC Lasers & Sensors as their new representative in the Netherlands. VTEC is a great addition to the expanding SemiNex team and brings to SemiNex years of experience in medical and defense sales.

VTEC will distribute and market SemiNex’s products throughout the Netherlands and other areas of northern Europe. Their consultative sales approach will assist SemiNex greatly as we expand our product offerings further into the SWIR wavelength range.

“I am genuinely pleased to have VTEC as our new representative in the Netherlands” expressed President David Bean of SemiNex, “With more than 25 years experience in the semiconductors laser business and their participation in many product standardizations, the relationship is a win-win for both SemiNex and VTEC. VTEC’s experience in Medical and Military applications is very synergistic to SemiNex’s market growth strategy.”

VTEC Lasers & Sensors is a company focusing on all aspects of laser diodes and related electronics products. Their business activities range from in-house development and prototyping of laser systems to the distribution of lasers and systems with characteristics unique to customers’ specific demands.

“This new relationship with SemiNex will be a progressive one for VTEC Lasers & Sensors. The SemiNex products will give VTEC a better entry into the medical and wellness market especially with the large accounts in Europe.” Says Jan Mink President of VTEC. “The future is bright.”

“VTEC has significant experience in the telecom, industrial and medical market, which makes VTEC and ideal opportunity for SemiNex” says VP of Sales & Marketing  for SemiNex Neal Stoker, “I look forward to seeing the growth of both companies from this relationship.”

About VTEC:

VTEC was founded in 2011 with a strategy to develop, produce and supply semiconductors laser diodes, molecues and sensor to the market. VTEC has a vision to supply the customer with the best laser for their applications and support them with a very fast response. Learn more at 

Jan Mink
VTEC Lasers & Sensors Ltd
+31 6 20607655

About SemiNex Corporation:

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures proprietary high power semiconductor infrared laser diode-based assemblies and optical amplifiers for automotive LiDAR, military, medical, and industrial applications. SemiNex’s products are based on advanced quantum physics and employ high-quality indium phosphide and gallium antimonide materials, which support wavelengths between 1250 nm to 1940 nm with best-in-class optical output power in addition to superior thermal and electrical efficiencies. SemiNex Corporation customizes its epitaxial designs and device packaging to meet its customers’ individual requirements.

SemiNex is headquartered in the US.

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