SemiNex Showcase Innovations at CIOE 2021


SemiNex Corporation will be at CIOE (The 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition) in Shenzhen from September 16th to 18th to connect with regional customers and support new applications. Innovations of high power laser diodes from 1250nm to 1940nm for LiDAR, military, medical, and industrial applications will be showcased. 

Highlights at CIOE will include:

  • 1550nm Triple Junction laser diode for long range LiDAR and rangefinders: Patent-pending multi-junction semiconductor laser diode at eye-safe wavelengths can generate 80 times more photons than 905nm from a LiDAR emitter, and achieve 3 times longer in detection distance and 24 times higher in detection capability. 

  • 1940nm Gallium Antimonide (GaSb) laser diode: SemiNex high power GaSb laser diodes provide 50% more power than comparable diode lasers in the market today for medical, material processing, and sensing applications.
  • 1450nm Laser Engines for home consumer cosmetics: This is a cost-effective solution for wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation. Its small form factor and powerful light output allows home-use solutions in a hand-held design.
  • Laser diodes and packages: SemiNex provides varieties of laser wavelength, aperture size, cavity length, and packaging for engineering design freedom. Package options include chip-on-carrier, B/C mounts, TO cans with FAC (Fast-Axis Collimating) lens, and various fiber modules and systems. 

“We are excited to participate in CIOE and showcase our broad portfolio with best-in-class products.” says Mr. David Bean, the CEO and Founder of SemiNex. “Our local office in northern China (Liaoning) provides timely product and application support for customers in China and Asia Pacific.”

“To learn more about our laser diode portfolio, visit our Booth 2T006 in Hall 2.” says Ms. Hanyu Yang, Sales and Applications Engineer at SemiNex. “I look forward to working with our customers on various projects and applications.”  She can also be reached at, Tel/WeChat: 15641953339.

About SemiNex Corporation:

SemiNex Corporation designs and manufactures proprietary high power semiconductor infrared laser diode-based assemblies and optical amplifiers for automotive LiDAR, military, medical, and industrial applications. SemiNex’s products are based on advanced quantum physics and employ high-quality indium phosphide and gallium antimonide materials, which support wavelengths between 1250 nm to 1940 nm with best-in-class optical output power in addition to superior thermal and electrical efficiencies. SemiNex Corporation customizes its epitaxial designs and device packaging to meet its customers’ individual requirements.

SemiNex is headquartered in the US.

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