Hand-Held Laser

SemiNex’s laser diodes are currently being used in a hand-held laser device. The hand-held laser device is wireless, self-operated, and designed for use in consumer homes for the treatment of facial wrinkles and acne. The device successfully completed a clinical trial in autumn of 2010 for its effectiveness when treating facial wrinkles. The hand held device completed a clinical trial for the treatment of p. acnes in spring of 2011. The Hand-Held Laser functions at 1450nm and utilizes SemiNex’s patented Laser Engine. The engine includes a high-efficiency laser, heat-spreader, convection cooling device, and optical lensing element, all contained within a radial heatsink shell. The laser engine is built to disperse as much heat as possible to allow for longer times in use at maximum power.

The 1450 nanometer wavelength matches the water absorption coefficient in skin tissue, maximizing its effectiveness. It has the added benefit of being eye-safe; the wavelength is absorbed by the cornea rather than the retina, eliminating the risk of serious damage to the eyes (unless operated at extremely high powers). This wavelength also allows the hand held laser to treat persons of any skin color; many systems can only treat skin types I-IV.

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The hand-held laser device is a low cost, practical, preferable and advantageous treatment for skin diseases including warts, leishmaniasis and acne lesions. In the treatment of acne lesions and viral skin warts, heat shock from laser stimulation causes cells to enter a survival mode that shuts down their present metabolism which helps to heal acne and warts. The hand held laser system is simple and user-friendly with its pre-set operating parameters that reliably produce both superficial and deep skin treatment with excellent precision.

The hand-held laser device has other medical applications as well. Old World Leishmaniasis is a disease transferred by desert sand fleas in the Middle East and throughout the rest of Eurasia. Leishmaniasis can cause open sores, skin lesions, ulcers which typically affect the nose and mouth, and, if undiagnosed, an invasion of the internal organs, causing organ failure and ultimately death. Studies have shown that lasers are effective in healing wounds from the leishmaniasis disease. Precise thermal coagulation (local heat necrosis) of tissue to a well-defined depth helps to heal skin lesions and ulcers, thus the hand held laser device has potential for treating leishmaniasis and could be used by field medics on active duty in areas of the world where leishmaniasis is present, enabling on-site treatment at lowered cost and risk.

The hand-held laser device is a user-friendly, multiuse, and practical treatment device that permits general practitioners and military medical personnel in the field to safely administer laser treatments in virtually any environment. The hand held laser device also allows at-home users to treat their acne and wrinkle problems. This non-invasive approach takes only a few minutes per treatment and has little or no adverse side effects. The completed hand-held laser device is ready for widespread distribution by consumer companies interested in distributing an at-home device for the treatment of wrinkles and acne.