SOA, short for Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, is a device where the primary purpose is to amplify optical signals through stimulated emission which causes gain to be produced. In the specific case of semiconductor optical amplifiers, the gain is produced through current injection. Its advantage is amplifying the optical intensity of the signal without resorting to converting to electrical signals and back again to optical. Some of the major applications of SOA are:

  • LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging):  Useful in autonomous vehicles. The FMCW (Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave) LiDAR with high powered SOA, capable of ranging up to 250m+ in all-weather and direct sunlight conditions, can detect the faintest object at 1310 or 1550nm.
  • Communication: 10 to 40kM mobile phone base station and data center at the 1310nm wavelength.
  • Tunable Laser: Necessary for amplifying output power for tunable solid-state lasers used in laser radar and remote sensing, as well as medical applications. 
  • Spectroscopy: High resolution infrared spectroscopy using high power Gain Chip in an external cavity laser system with narrow linewidth.

The new SemiNex Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) provides a cost-effective and high-performance solution to amplifying single mode lasers for high power applications. SemiNex’s unique epitaxial and waveguide design allows higher gain and saturation output power than our competition.

SemiNex SOA Chip
SemiNex SOA Array


SemiNex SOAs can be integrated and applied into various optical components and configurations for high power applications. The wavelength choices of SemiNex SOA include 1310 and 1550nm. We offer a tilted straight waveguide or a curved waveguide format, and low AR/AR coating for SOA or low AR/HR coating for Gain Chip options.

SemiNex provides SOAs in several packaging and submount configurations such as fiber coupled and non-fiber options (e.g. Chip on Carrier (CoC), B-mount, C-mount, etc.). Samples and production units are available for delivery.

Here you can find the SOA Chip Product Family Information Sheet and the SOA Array Product Family Information Sheet. Individual Product Information Sheets can be found in the Product Matrix below.


Wavelength (nm)** Chip Array
TO9 Capped Pulsed TO56 Pulsed
Waveguides Waveguides
Curved Gain Tilted Curved Gain Tilted
1270 * * * * * *
1310 CHP-288 CHP-289 CHP-290 BAR-178 BAR-181 BAR-182
1350 * * * * * *
1450 * * * * * *
1470 * * * * * *
1532 * * * * * *
1550 CHP-285 CHP-286 CHP-287 BAR-177 BAR-179 BAR-180
1625 * * * * * *
1650 * * * * * *
1940 * * * * * *

SOA Saturated Output Power