Range Finding

Infrared lasers are popular with the military for targeting and range finding applications. Infrared spectrum is preferred as laser target designators, which are used with precision-guided munitions to guide munitions. It is because light from an infrared laser cannot be seen by the human eyes. Rangefinder systems are increasingly being built with long-wavelength laser diodes due to the relative retinal safety at these wavelengths. 1550nm and 1450nm lasers are “eye safe” at much higher power levels than traditionally used 850nm and 905nm lasers. They are commonly selected for military applications because unlike the shorter 1000nm infrared laser, light at 1550nm is not visible in night vision goggles.

The SemiNex Triple Junction laser diodes deliver the highest power available to the rangefinder marketplace, where the detection range and eye safety are both critical. Small form-factor packaging such as TO9 and TO56 are available for easy design-in and drop-in replacement into the existing systems.  

Other SemiNex products can be used in range finding include:

SemiNex 1450nm product finder

SemiNex 1550nm product finder

SemiNex 1650nm product finder

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