Laser Engine


SemiNex’s patented Laser Engine is an integrated laser diode assembly designed for manufacturers of high volume medical and other low-cost hand-held applications. It is inexpensive to assemble and can be tailored to fit a customer’s needs. It has ultra-high volume capabilities, a high power output, large dynamic power range, and great efficiency. The laser engine is ideal for medical applications such as acne removal, skin wrinkle reduction, and skin ablation.  This assembly can also be used in a range of professional laser applications, such as medical procedures and surgery, free-space communications, and range finding.

By shrinking laser technology to a size small enough to fit in one’s hand and offering an off-the-shelf yet configurable device, the laser engine removes many of the technical challenges for companies looking to enter the consumer laser marketplace. 


Laser Engine Power

Laser Engine Q

Laser Engine Fan

Laser Engine P

The laser engine system includes a high-efficiency diode laser, cooling fan, and focusing lens. It is designed to disperse as much heat as possible to allow for longer times in use. The system comes in two package options. The first package option (“Q”) utilizes a radial heat sink shell for convection cooling, is 40 mm long with a diameter of 25 mm, and has a weight of 16 grams (about the size and weight of a golf ball). It can be equipped with or without the cooling fan. The second package option (“P”) is a conductively cooled rectangular block design measuring just 11 mm by 20 mm by 13 mm.


The laser engine is available at wavelengths of 1460nm, 1480nm, 1565nm, and 1575nm and currently features an excellent power conversion efficiency and up to 2 Watts of CW power.

For current product specifications, view our Laser Engine PI Sheet.  

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