SemiNex announces ShinHoTek as distributor in South Korea

For more information, contact:
Neal Stoker
VP Sales and Marketing
SemiNex Corporation

SemiNex Corporation is pleased to announce that ShinHoTek is joining SemiNex’s network of world-distributors.  ShinHoTek will be the exclusive distributor for SemiNex in South Korea.  The Korean distributor will offer the entire SemiNex product line of high power laser diodes to include B-mount, C-mount and Chip on Sub-mount (CoS) devices, fiber-coupled single emitters and multi-chip modules.  Standard wavelengths are 1470nm, 1532nm and 1550nm.  ShinHoTek will also offer the SemiNex Laser Engine developed for low-cost high volume applications in the defense and medical markets. 

“It’s great to join forces with ShinHoTek to expand SemiNex sales in Korea”, said David Bean, President of SemiNex.  “ShinHoTek has an extensive network of customers and contacts in the medical and dental markets that are ready customers for SemiNex, and we look forward to expanding rapidly in this market.”

“We are very pleased to offer SemiNex product to the Korean market”, states Mr. Yoonho Kim, President of ShinHoTek.  “SemiNex offers the highest performing lasers in the 1300 to 1700 nm range.”