SemiNex Unveils New TO56 Mini at Laser World of Photonics

Sample pieces will be on display at Booth B3-511 June 24 through June 27 at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, Germany.

TO56 Mini

SemiNex Corporation now offers high performance, low-cost TO-56 “Mini” submounts targeted toward pulsed laser applications, such as OTDR, long distance range-finding, and LiDAR. This breakthrough design has the same 5.6mm diameter of the standard SemiNex 1.50 mm laser diode packaged in a TO-56 to enable convenient drop-in replacement with existing TO-56 systems with a body length of only 4.3mm.

“Our customers anticipate market demands of 100k units and beyond. At those volumes cost savings are critical and this product is designed to meet both performance and cost targets,” says Ed McIntyre, VP of Business Development. “With the Mini, we provide best-in-class optical and electrical performance in a standard TO-56 radial form factor while passing on the benefit of reduced costs.”

SemiNex offers industry-leading 5 mrad fast-axis laser collimation lensing as a product option for all laser apertures. Alternatively, SemiNex provides collimation-matching of the fast- and slow-axes for systems designed to make use of this collimation parity to focus the light with bulk optics outside of the TO-56 package. These options are included for the new TO-56 Mini. Aperture widths of 50µm, 95µm, 180µm and 350µm are available with peak powers from 10 to 30 Watts.

“The TO-56 Mini package is half of the height of our standard SemiNex TO-56 package,” says Seth Pappas, lead Product Engineer, “and powerful enough to generate 25W pulsed at 1550nm. For manufacturers of handheld OTDR devices, portable LIDAR systems, and range-finders, this is a winning combination.”

The TO-56 mini is available for immediate delivery at the following eye-safe wavelengths: 1310nm, 1550nm, 1625nm and 1650nm. Other wavelengths can be provided upon request.