SemiNex Increases Production Space

SemiNex Corporate Headquarters

SemiNex Corporation has acquired an adjoining suite to their current headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts effectively doubling production area and increasing office space. This move complements several rounds of hiring and paves the way for several product releases anticipated in 2019.

“For more than 10 years, SemiNex has kept costs down for customers by operating with a streamlined fabless business model,” explains David Bean, SemiNex President. “In the coming year, we’re predicting a substantial increase in demand for our wavelengths within the consumer market. Our expansion will enable us to seamlessly accommodate these new high volume orders without impacting our existing customer base.”

The new clean room facilities are designed to meet ISO Class 7 standards and ESD best practices, and are expected to be fully outfitted with upgraded test stations and equipment by January of 2019. The suite also includes office space for SemiNex engineers and process technicians.

“We’ve designed additional automation into our manufacturing processes and expanded our testing capabilities, freeing up lab space for R&D and specialty fabrication projects,” says Product Engineer Seth Pappas.