SemiNex Adds Principal Optoelectronics Engineer

Sidi Aboujja

SemiNex Corporation announces the appointment of Dr. Sidi Aboujja as Principal Optoelectronics Engineer to drive laser product innovations and new technologies from initial concepts into production. Dr. Aboujja is results-focused with a proven track record of developing and leading semiconductor laser technologies.

“Sidi brings 18 years of semiconductor laser experience to the table with a proven record of delivering industry-transforming new products,” announced David Bean, SemiNex President. “We are confident that his unique set of skills in laser diode chip design, wafer processing and technology development will help lead SemiNex to new markets with the most competitive products.”

Sidi is working out of SemiNex headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts where he will develop and improve the high-power infrared SemiNex chip designs. Such development is a key factor in expanding market share in areas such as military, medical, consumer and testing, as well as other emerging markets such as automotive LIDAR and robotics. Additional responsibilities include product design, wafer processing, failure analysis, production management, yield improvement and vendor support. Sidi has experience with international product development and manufacturing.

Sidi has a PhD and MS degree in Optoelectronics & Electronics from The University of Metz in France and a second PhD in Physics from Sherbrooke University in Canada. He holds multiple scientific papers of light emission in III-V and Silicon junctions in reverse bias and was invited to present his research work in 1998 and 1999 at IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference/IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science.

At Perkinelemer Optoelectronics and Excelitas Technologies, Sidi worked as Senior Laser Scientist, Laser Project Manager and head of laser technology developments. In 2010 he completed a black belt six sigma certificate and applied six sigma tools to improve and control laser designs, wafer processing and yield improvements at Perkinelemer Optoelectronics and Excelitas Technologies. He developed many laser product lines at Perkinelemer Optoelectronics and Excelitas Technologies including single and multiple cavity laser chip and laser chip array technologies at various wavelengths and within various packages. Sidi has managed many projects from design specifications through production for a variety of markets including military, commercial, industrial and automotive, all while supporting the application engineers and product managers.

“The SemiNex laser diode is powerful and well designed,” Sidi stated. “However, there is always room for improvement. With my research and development experience I plan to apply my ideas to yield experimentally valid enhancements and major step-change improvements so that our global customer base can enjoy a wider range of capability and performance.”