Lensed Lasers now available from SemiNex

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Lensed Lasers now available from SemiNex

SemiNex announces lensed high power IR lasers on B-Mounts, C-Mounts and TO9’s

In response to customer requests, SemiNex Corporation, a world leader in high power InP laser diodes, announces the availability of lensed lasers on B-Mounts, C-Mounts and TO Cans. 

Founded in 2003, SemiNex is an industry leader, providing thousands of lasers to the medical, military and industrial markets.  Often, these lasers are used in applications requiring adjustments to the divergence angle.  SemiNex now provides lensed lasers to customers in a variety of configurations.

Standard divergence from a non-lensed laser is typically 28 degrees FWHM in the fast axis and 9 degrees FWHM in the slow axis.  Attaching a fast axis lens directly to the submount allows SemiNex to reduce the divergence to meet specific customer needs.  The most common request is to match the fast and slow axis divergence angles.  Other possibilities, such as collimating the fast axis beam or converging the beam, are available.  The SemiNex team is available to guide and direct customers on results that best meet their cost and performance targets. 

Customers appreciate the convenience of ordering lensed lasers directly from the manufacturer.  This approach reduces manufacturing time, cost and risk.  It is a service that SemiNex is pleased to make available to the market place.

SemiNex founder and CEO David Bean commented, “For several years, SemiNex offered the Laser Engine as the only lensed product for medical and scientific programs.  By expanding our lensed offerings to our submount customers, we bring significant value to our customers.  Customers responded favorably and appreciate the convenience of working with SemiNex to meet their specific product needs.”

Lensed laser diodes are available in a number of standard and custom IR wavelengths from 1300 to 1700 nm.  Typical mounts include B- and C-Mount, along with SemiNex’s recently introduced TO-Can products.  For additional information visit www.seminex.com or contact SemiNex Sales at 978-326-7703.

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