SemiNex Joins Forces with Dolleris and Enhances the Medical Industry

SemiNex Corporation, a leading supplier of high-power InP lasers between 1300 and 1700nm, and Dolleris Scientific Corporation, a company that designs and manufactures a variety of products, have entered into a multi-year exclusive contract to produce a high-power laser system for professional medical applications.

The SemiNex Engineering Team spent the better part of the past three years working with Dolleris Scientific to design a custom laser and lens assembly that achieves the required performance. Because of the flexibility of the ultimate design specification, rapid prototypes were produced and SemiNex was able to move into production within 2 months.

David Bean, SemiNex’s President stated, “Working with the Dolleris team is a pleasure. They clearly defined requirements and we were able to apply our leading-edge technology to design a robust solution that met their requirements in terms of power, performance, form factor, cost and warranty.”

Dolleris Scientific is integrating SemiNex 1470nm wavelength lasers into an existing baseline system for dermatological treatments. The private-label customer has a base unit for treating a wide variety of medical and cosmetic conditions in more than 50 countries worldwide. The SemiNex laser will compliment this suite by adding new treatment options. “It is a pleasure to collaborate with SemiNex … from developing new applications and beyond, into multi-year production planning of new products,” remarked J. Enemaerke, President of Dolleris Scientific. “SemiNex’s willingness to work with small companies in the early stages of product development, and continued support as delivery schedule demands change during production shows dedication to a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.”

Mr. Bean added, “SemiNex looks forward to continued collaborations with the Dolleris Scientific team. By working together, we are able to expand our product lines and technologies.”