Join SemiNex at SPIE Photonics West 2023

We are excited to announce that SemiNex will be hosting two presentations at SPIE Photonics West 2023 held in San Francisco, CA, USA in SPIE LASE on Sunday, January 29 at 9:40 am and at 11:20 am. These presentations, High reliability of 1550nm triple junction laser diode for long-range automotive LiDAR and High performance semiconductor optical amplifier and array for FMCW LiDAR in high-speed autonomous vehicles, will capture the technological and application insights of high-power Triple Junction laser arrays and high-gain Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA).

We will be showcasing our patented Triple Junction laser diode and array technologies that can provide hundreds to kilo-watts of lasing power for advanced rangefinder, ToF and Flash LiDAR. The eye-safe 1350nm and 1550nm Triple Junction can easily outperform its 905nm counterpart in the signal-to-noise ratio, detection capability and range. Our small form-factor and low-cost laser diode solution is the best alternative solution to a bulky and high-cost fiber laser for autonomous vehicles.

Our new SOA products provide a high-gain and high-saturation output power, which can enable long-range FMCW LiDAR with coherent detection. SemiNex will work with you on custom designs of individual amplifiers or arrays to meet the requirements in your integrated systems.

SemiNex invites you to meet with our staff at Booth #4712 from January 31 – February 2.
For inquiries regarding product offerings, custom designs and future projects with SemiNex, as well as scheduling a meeting with us at SPIE, contact or +1-978-326-7708. Available in-person SPIE meeting times begin on January 31 and end on February 2. Details on the Triple Junction laser diodes and SOAs are available at