SemiNex Welcomes Daniel Chu as VP of Marketing and Business Development

SemiNex welcomes Daniel Chu with the best laser diode technologies 

SemiNex is pleased to announce the hiring of Daniel Chu to drive business growth across the full SemiNex portfolio of high power InP and GaSb semiconductor lasers for LiDAR, medical, military, and industrial markets. Educated as a laser physicist from Northwestern University with a PhD degree, Daniel has extensive experience in product management, applications engineering, and business creation. Daniel’s career spans over 25 years in the laser and optics industry with tenures at world-known companies such as OSRAM and SDL Inc.   

Daniel brings his technical laser expertise and market experience to assist customers in developing best-in-class laser systems.  As an example, Daniel leads the SemiNex commercial team in supporting customers to pursue long-range LiDAR with patent-pending Triple Junction laser diodes. This new technology at eye-safe 1550nm allows LiDAR manufacturers to achieve 3 times the distance and 24 times the detection probability compared to a 905nm emitter. Daniel developed a benchmark calculator based on LiDAR physics to deliver the target performance for high speed autonomous vehicles and works directly with LIDAR customers to optimize their LIDAR designs for both performance and cost.  

“Daniel has a strong knowledge in semiconductor lasers and extensive experience in the photonics industry. He will deliver the highest level of technical support and service to our customers for design wins.” says Mr. David Bean, CEO and Founder of SemiNex Corporation.  

“It is such an exciting time to join SemiNex”, Daniel comments “as we not just have the most powerful 1550nm laser diode for ToF LiDAR, but also SOAs for FMCW LiDAR and GaSb 1940nm laser for medical and many other applications. We offer unparalleled performance that no others can.” Daniel continues “I look forward to working with our customers in designing in our best product offerings as cost effective solutions.”  

Besides working at the SemiNex office near Boston, Daniel will also work closely with customers in Asia Pacific, where SemiNex established a regional office in the Chinese city of Liaoyang in 2020. Besides English, Daniel speaks Mandarin fluently and understands Cantonese and Taiwanese well. To learn more about SemiNex capabilities and product offering, contact Daniel at +1 978-326-7702 and